If you don't have a local comic shop or you find a weekly trip too expensive and time consuming, then let us do the hard work for you. Simply tell us the titles you want to receive each month, we'll email you an invoice ready for payment and once payment has been processed we'll post the comic goodies out to you!

At Comic Domain we do everything we can to ensure that you have all the latest information on what's coming out...and more importantly, we want to make sure you're getting everything you want. So we've teamed up with 'Comixology' to transfer the amazing power of the 'Subscription List' over into YOUR most capable hands.


How does it work?

It's easy - Comixology have created a great online app to help you manage your printed paper comic titles (not just those pesky digital ones!) and you can connect that list to any comic retailer just like us! You'll be able to login and add or remove comic titles or related comic and film merchandise anytime you wish! Each week when the latest stock arrives, the titles you requested will be reserved for you. We'll then contact you via email close to the end of the month (usually the 3rd week of a typical x4 week month) with a full breakdown of titles and costs. You can then transfer payment via PAYPAL or CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. Once payment has been received the items are then posted out to you.


What is Comixology?

Comixology provides you with an online application to help you manage your ongoing printed paper comic subscriptions. With it you'll get access to a huge catalogue of new releases 2 some times 3 months in advance of their release, giving you plenty of time to plan your collection which also means you'll never have to miss another comic again!


How do I get started?

Follow the 3 simple steps below and you'll be up and running in no time!


What if I already have a Comixology Pulllist Account?

Easy! - Just 'Connect' it to us using the link below, you'll find the 'connect' button down the left hand column.
Let's Get Connected


Go get a Comixology Pulllist Account
Follow the handy link below to create a Comixology Pulllist Account, it's completely FREE and you can even log in with your Amazon account too!
Handy Link: I Want a FREE Comixology Pulllist Account
(ps. If you already have a Comixology Pulllist Account, go straight to Step 2!)



Connect it to us
Now you have your Pulllist Account, we need you to connect to us here at Comic Domain, so we know which titles to order in for you each month. Follow the handy link below.
Handy Link: Let's Get Connected



Account activation
Once you've followed steps 1 & 2 above, we'll email you directly to request your postal address so we know where to send your comics and other relevant contact details so we can contact you in case there's been a problem with your subscription. We'll also request a list of comic titles that you wish to start with. If you have any questions, just let us know we'd be happy to help!




"I've been using Comic Domain for over 12 years now for my subscription/pull list. Brilliant service with a regular invoice so you aren't surprised with what's arriving during the week. Highly recommended!"

 - Geoff Blakey, member since 2002

"Subscription service makes life a lot easier! Haven't missed an issue since I've started using it and it's a synch to add new titles plus anything I need help with, the guys at Comic Domain are always there to help"
 - Rifat Hasan, member since 2011